Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Pictures from Mission Possible!

I love pictures so I will probably have many posts like this in the future...just pictures :) Included in this post are some from our Free Day (Denver Zoo and Red Rocks), and some from Escuela de Guadalupe and Safari Seconds (part of African Community Center).


  1. Well, I'm very impressed.. and puzzled: No comments? No one ever commented on this blog, or do you delete them? The funny thing is that I was searching for bloggers who read "Home From Nowhere" and came upon your blog. Wondering if its the same book (hint: author is James Howard Kunstler).

  2. haha no, I don't delete comments...but I haven't really told anyone I have a blog besides some family...who comment via phone calls, conversations, etc. :) I'm waiting until I'm actually serving in Peace Corps to tell people I have one.

    I did read Kunstler's "Home From Nowhere" and loved it! I read it for my Urban Politics and City Life political science course. What did you think of the book?

  3. Wow! I have to have your phone number to comment on your posts? That's a new one. Oh... I don't have to have your phone number?.. I can comment here?.. your family phones you their comments?.. Gotcha.. Well: at least I am the very first one to comment here!

    Okay, joking aside, I'm waiting until you serve in the Peace Corps too. Only while I wait, I am already writing comments here. And to answer your question: I think the book was beautiful in articulating the many problems of our urban reality. Not so much for finding solutions, but that's okay: realizing and defining a problem precedes any solution.

    I read that book a long time ago along with others (if you care to know them, I'll list them to you). But it wasn't a course. I bought them on Amazon when they started their online business (wow, how time flies). I am very interested in actually finding solutions to our car-centric environment. The technological solutions are there and plentiful: even if we don't 'invent' anything new, we already have more than we need. The political and/or social willpower, however, is another thing.

    Well, don't want to turn my comment into a full fledged post. Unless you don't mind.