Contact Me!! & 'Wish List' :)

Elyse Bell, PCV
Corps de la Paix
Cotonou, Benin
West Africa - L'Afrique D'Oeste

Air Mail - Par Avion

- For letters and packages write 'Dieu te regarde' and use lots of tape, padded envelopes are best.

Package "Wish List" Ideas
Honestly, anything you send will MAKE my day. I love getting mail! But, here are some ideas for items that are especially fantastic:

- cool pencils!!! I bribe kids to study by promising pencils for good test results

- Pictures (you, America, family, ones from my collection to give away)

- Magazines (just not financial ones)

- Gatarode's propel berry water powder (or other flavors), 'greens to go' (costco)

- Raisins

- Seasonings: McCormick Mild Taco Seasoning, basil, cumin

- Maple Syrup, or extract

- bbq sauce (sweet/dark variety)

- Peanut Butter & Co Mighty Maple....someone just got this and it's delicious

- granola, especially the 'BareNaked' that comes in the ziplock

- granola bars, health bars, anything like that, love the Kellogg's Fiber+ ones

- Chocolate/sweets (especially peanut butter and plain m&ms, hershey’s bars and kisses, reisen)

- Sauce packets, potato flakes, gravy, any add hot water sauces/meals...

- Protein: Tuna packets, shredded chicken (apparently this comes in packets now too)