Thursday, June 17, 2010

Contact Info and Goodbye Spokane

I received a lot of information from Peace Corps on Monday morning. I got to schedule my flight to Philadelphia and get my tickets for Africa!! I leave for Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 13th at 11am and land in Philadelphia at 7:38pm. We have training from noon on Wednesday until we leave to New York the next day. So, Thursday we head to JFK Airport via bus (2-5 hours), then to Paris at 11:30pm (7 hour flight) and finally to Benin (6 hour flight)! I'm so excited!

If you want to send me letters or packages here is my address:

Elyse Bell, PCV
Corps de la Paix
Cotonou, Benin
West Africa - L'Afrique D'Oeste

Air Mail - Par Avion

A note from Peace Corps about mail: Most packages sent to Benin arrive (sometimes a few months late). Nevertheless DO NOT send things that have important sentimental or monetary value. Don't send expensive items, such as the Volunteer's favorite pair of one-carat diamond earrings. Items such as food, and clothing have usually arrived with no problem, but it's expensive for the sender and receiver. If sending packages, "bubble envelopes" work best. If sending any food items, put them inside a ziploc bag. This will reduce chances that bugs or rats will devour them.

Also, please include the date on your letters, in case I receive them out of order. I will do the same.

Once I'm in Benin for a while I will let you know if there's anything I forgot or need or could desperately use, but, in the meantime, I would love to receive letters and communication from you! If you send a letter now I should have it when I arrive! :) I do have a few more things I want to get before I go, some of them I found on Amazon and made a wishlist:

Lastly, GOODBYE SPOKANE! It's been a good 4 years, I will miss you and your people, even the Spokies.

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