Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best of Benin

- Babies (baby humans, baby goats, piglets, chicks, puppies, kittens, they're all just so freaking cute!)
- Communal care of babies (Mama's and others have no issue handing you their adorable baby)

- My students, they made my day today (and do every day). I had to face the board silently laughing for a good 30 seconds this morning.
- My students' accent when the speak English (that I'm quickly picking up)
- Teaching

- The people, everyone here is so much happier than Americans are, and they are always SO happy to see you!

- "Saluating" (greeting): you do it. to every person you see. "Hello, how are you, how is your health, how is your family, how are the kids, how is the house, how is the market," etc etc etc.

- My host family, I have the BEST host family in Benin.

- Parties, the Beninois know how to put on a fantastic fete.

- "Bonne appetite" - If you are eating at all, even if you put a piece of gum in your mouth, a Beninois will tell you "bonne appetite."

I dearly miss American food, but there is some food that I love here:
- Popcorn from the Mama across from the school (movie theater)
- Popcorn from the Mama across from my papa's estate (kettle corn)
- Donut balls with sugar from the Mama around the corner from my house
- Fanmilk, specifically FanCoctail (like a popsicle)
- Bisap (not sure how to spell it, but also like a popsicle)
- Ragu (my mama makes it: cubed yam or potatoes in broth with veggies)
- Yam pillet (smashed yams, shaped into discs served with sauce)
- French fries, Doris, my host sister, makes amazing french fries
- Experimental cooking (I've made delicious banana bread and macaroni and cheese)

I have three minutes left, so I will add to this later, tomorrow I'll be at the training site with (hopefully) wireless internet so I can post my blog about my post visit!

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