Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things My Students Say PERFECTLY in English.

Just a disclaimer, I’m the only professor that does not beat children. I also don't punish them with other physical punishments, such as forcing them to kneel in the hot sun in gravel, or making them leave class to work in the orchard (missing class!). I also don’t ask the principal or vice principal for help in punishing because they just beat the children. Last week, one of the girls was knocked out by a professor when he punched her on the head when she fell asleep in class. TOTALLY uncalled for…she went to the hospital. I consider myself to be really lenient with late and/or tired students. They have so much work to do at home and a really long walk to school. I have a really easy life here, compared to the Beninese in my village, especially children, and I try to be flexible and understanding as a result.

- Good Morning Teacher!

- How are you today?

- Fine, thanks. And, you?

- You see?

- Copybooks IN your desk!

- WHY are you talking?

- Stop talking.

- Who is talking?

- Shut your mouth!

- Verb to be and all its conjugations (I am, You are, He/She/It is, We are, They are)

- Verb to have and all its conjugations.

...that's about it, oh: dog, boy, some other random nouns

Madame Elyse

Also, I love teaching. I love my students and the challenges the present me, daily. :) I'm seriously considering pursuing teaching when I get back to the states because I love the job so much. We'll see in two years.

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