Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm the Worst Blogger Ever!

I can't believe I have not written since July! I don't really have much to say, life is normal....

I was just thinking about my arrival back in July 2010. When I got here I took an excessive number of pictures...of lizards and motorcycles. There are many of the two here and it was new, exciting and different.

A lot of volunteers talk about 'going back to post' or 'how long they've been at post....for me, 'post' has always been home. I love my life here, and have felt welcome since day 1, even with my weird, foreign habits and my inability to speak French, everyone accepted me and made me feel at home, for that, I will be eternally grateful.

PS: I'm trying to think of something interesting to write about.

PSS: I should admit, at first I wrote 'internally grateful' English has suffered, but I speak excellent French!

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