Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interview + Answer!

My interview was went awesome! I should have blogged about it Friday, because by Tuesday I had an answer - NOMINATION!!

Basically, my interview included normal interview questions, but the last 20 minutes or so were more personal questions. Like, how I'm going to handle different types of food, or perhaps very minimal living conditions (think mud hut). She also asked me how I would react to witnessing domestic violence, especially in a place where it wasn't taken seriously (against the law).

My interview felt really successful, in fact my interviewer told me that I seemed to "be a perfect fit for the Peace Corps." So, I had high hopes going into the weekend and following week.

The interviewer called me on Tuesday (while the little girl I babysit was asleep) and gave me the good news!! YAY! First, she asked me about my departure date. On my application I wrote that I would be ready to leave on August 1st. However, she had an assignment that she felt I was qualified for that begins in mid July. I readily and excitedly said I could start in June if need be. She then asked me if I knew how to ride a bicycle - yes! Then she asked if I would be willing to take a course in French - yes! Soooo I'm tentatively scheduled to go to NW Africa (where they speak French) in Mid-July and teach English (among other things)!! woohooo

This assignment is contingent on me quickly and successfully completing the medical requirements (Physical, Dentist and Eye Doctor) and the placement officer agreeing that that's the best place for me (usually the case). I am nervous and excited and everything else. I'll be taking French 102 in the Spring (so I have to try and catch up with 101 over break to be successful in 102...GU doesn't offer 101 in the Spring, unfortunately).

Soo, I won't know more for a while, but I think I should get in the habit of blogging, so people know what's going on while I'm living somewhere where I can't just call anyone up :)

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