Thursday, October 14, 2010

2am Update/Mosquitoes

First, I just woke myself up in the movie room at the workstation because I was furiously scratching my arms and face....3 new giant bites on my FACE and 7 on my arms. UGH!! The hall window was open so now I'm deformed and in pain.

Second, I have been in Cotonou for over a week now, I'm praying I get to go home Saturday morning. I think I'm just going to have to stop hoping for anything. I wanted to go home Monday, well, I never wanted to be here, but I really really wanted to be home by Monday. Cotonou is boring and expensive and dirty. Plus, I feel like I'm living in a college dorm again.

I will update you about my last two weeks at post, trip to Parakou, taxis, my pets and my week in Cotonou all tomorrow. I've been watching movies, facebook chatting and just wandering and exploring Cotonou every day.

OH! Today I bought a camera, so I will share some Cotonou photos, I also took some of my foot tan lines, hair and food (haha). I'm even more excited to go back home now so I can get photos of my village and friends for you all!

Anyway, as it's after 2am here, I'm going to bid you all goodnight and go to sleep.

Until tomorrow,

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