Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Random Pictures and Clubbing in Cotonou

I am LEAVING the med unit tomorrow (Wednesday, October 20th) by 8am! I'm going with two PCVL (Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders), so we will have a taxi to ourselves, which means no random stopping and we get our own seats. I'm so excited and happy to return to village!! (I do have to return for one night in a month, but that's a month away and I'll only be here for a quick blood test and then I'm finished.)

The photo uploader is down, so I will just provide this link to 30+ random photos (you don't need facebook) - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2119531&id=28205596&l=d928f45125

There are photos of the Peace Corps Bureau, food, tan lines, my hair and clubbing in Cotonou.

Clubbing was interesting...my friend Lissa and I went with two other volunteers, Sam and Antonio. We didn't go until midnight, which is normal here (apparently), and we didn't leave until 5am, which is normal as well. Actually, when we left, the club was the busiest I had seen it!

It was SO FUN!! It was great to hang out with Lissa and do something so random and ridiculous. We had to dodge creepers more so than in normal daily life (but, not that much more). It was much easier since we were with two men, and could point and say they were our husbands.

Walking back to the Bureau we stopped at the 'cafeteria' which is across the street and is open 24/7. They serve spicy (pimente) omelettes, baguettes, porridge, spicy spaghetti, nescafe powder coffee and tea. They also put mayonaise on EVERYTHING. I have to reiterate multiple times for them not to give me mayo. I always get half a baguette with a one egg omelette (no pimente)and margarine for 20 cents. ANYWAY, we all got omelette sandwiches and casually mentioned the 3 giant rats we saw before realizing how gross it was and leaving after the 4th one. This amuses me because if I had been in America I would have FLIPPED out, but now, rats don't really phase me....I see dead ones being sold on the street all the time (yum...).

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