Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soo Cold

It has been FREEZING in Africa! I kind of love it though. I love that I shiver myself to sleep every night because I know when February/March comes around I will try crying myself to sleep and FAIL because it will be sooooo hot. I keep a sweater with me at all times because it's often cold enough for one during the day and ALWAYS cold enough around 8 when it's dark.

There will be a very short flash of hot season in late September, early October, but then it will be the COOL DRY season from November-February (LOVE). Right now it's the cool rainy and it feels WAY cooler than last year, but I don't have humidity in my village and it's really windy. Last year during the cool rainy season I was living in the South in Porto Novo with my host family. It was really humid and horrible.

So that's it, it's cold in Africa. You can visit me and survive!

PS: I never tried crying myself to sleep during the hot season...that's a little dramatic, it was more like, sweating myself to sleep, yearning for a Spokane winter and praying for electricty to arrive before the next hot season (won't happen).

PSS: The photo is of me preparing to dig out my car from the mountain of snow that was dumped on us in Spokane, winter 2009/2010.

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